Orgonite Black Onyx Japa Mala Stone Necklace
Orgonite Black Onyx Japa Mala Stone Necklace
Orgonite Black Onyx Japa Mala Stone Necklace
Orgonite Black Onyx Japa Mala Stone Necklace
Orgonite Black Onyx Japa Mala Stone Necklace
Orgonite Black Onyx Japa Mala Stone Necklace

Orgonite Black Onyx Japa Mala Stone Necklace

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Light is energy and white light when broken down and refracted becomes a rainbow spectrum of colors. Those colors oscillate different wave vibrational frequencies, and according to Reiki (subtle light energy healing), these colors can influence us by opening and amplifying energy. In Tibetan Buddhism, colors represent each of the enlightened, opened energy of the “BUDDHA FAMILIES.” These are 5 basic colors of light that have a Buddha, an enlightened wisdom quality and an unenlightened quality for us to work with. We offer these mala beads by color to help with our healing journey.

Mala beads using these colors are a useful and exquisite device used for reiki and healing meditation. They may be worn as a necklace or a bracelet, and generally have 108 mala beads per strand, although other numbers can be used. They are used to count breaths or the number of times a mantra is repeated by way of pulling each of the beads on a strand, similar to an abacus (learn how to use mala beads for meditation). The color and gemstone of the beads are thought to evoke healing qualities and can be worn close to the body.

Japa mala necklaces Japa mala necklaces can be used during meditation and also worn during the day as a reminder to take note or as a reminder for a mantra connected to your practice, or connect to the healing properties of the bead or stone the necklace is crafted from.

Any type of beads may be used for meditation, their mineral colors have their very own meanings that may be tremendous to the wearer and help to inspire us to practice meditation.

“Black represents the absolute Zen like state of what is called pregnant space, the mother of all existence- Black is the calmness of the pre-mind that we all have access to when we practice meditation and simplify and protect from all of life’s colorful dramas- EMPTINESS”

The Black Onyx gemstone is said to be associated with the planet Saturn.It is a soothing stone, and is good for wearing, especially during times of emotional turmoil. It is known to help release negativity, as well as to guard the wearer from the 'evil eye.The Black Onyx gemstone is one of the many gemstones believed to have amazing healing and spiritual properties.The Black Onyx stone along with the lapis lazuli crystal gives an extraordinary powerful energy and eliminates the negativity and helps the wearer to deliver himself/herself from negative emotions, thoughts, and ultimately, situations.

Benefits :

  • The energy of this stone is strengthening to the auric field, and it is known to alert you to the approach of danger.
  • It helps to clear and activate all the chakras, has a lovely stabilizing energy that helps you to feel more balanced emotionally.
  • excellent healing Bracelet
  • Works particularly well within both the heart chakra and higher heart chakra
  • Enhances the health of the immune system
  • Helps a person change irregular/unhealthy/bad habits
  • Good for Entrepreneurs
  • Helps a person's mind, body, and spirit align with the Universe, and put himself/herself on the receiving frequency of goodness
  • Deflecting Negativity
  • Healing Relationships

Orgonite Vibes Japa Mala are so Special :

  • Made of Genuine Material
  • Contains genuine crystals and stones
  • Used Reich’s Technology
  • Blocks Cosmic radiations
  • Healing Japa Mala
  • Hand- made Item
  • Releases Positive Vibes to the surrounding.



We've always believed in the power of locally made goods. The quality of the craftsmanship and the local artisans we employ are what make Orgonite Vibes our mission in life.

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