Orgonite 7 Chakra Gemstone Pyramid
Orgonite 7 Chakra Gemstone Pyramid
Orgonite 7 Chakra Gemstone Pyramid
Orgonite 7 Chakra Gemstone Pyramid
Orgonite 7 Chakra Gemstone Pyramid
Orgonite 7 Chakra Gemstone Pyramid
Orgonite 7 Chakra Gemstone Pyramid
Orgonite 7 Chakra Gemstone Pyramid

Orgonite 7 Chakra Gemstone Pyramid

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Orgonite Vibes 7 Chakra Gemstone Pyramid helps to filter and balance energy fields in our environment and can aid in strengthening your energy body by converting low frequency energy into a higher frequency that is more beneficial for life forms including yourself, pets and plants.

Why Orgonite Vibes 7 Chakra Gemstone Pyramid so special ? Let's have a look below..!!!

Our Energy Generator Orgonite is made on the same technology as Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone Accumulator.

100% Certified Genuine Material - Amethyst Stone , Lapis Lazuli , Blue Aventurine , Green Aventurine , Yellow Aventurine , Orange Aventurine , Red Jasper Crystal , Copper , Brass , Polyester Resin , Crystal Point & Other Specific vibrative stones.

The 7 Chakra Gemstone Pyramid is a 4 sided pyramid, made from 7 layers of gemstones. Each of the gemstone layers consists of a gemstone material which corresponds to the etheric energies of each of the 7 main chakras in the human body, in the same order in which the layers appear, from lowest (red for the kundalini) to the highest (violet for the crown chakra).

The Seven Crystals are :

  • Amethyst Crystal ( Power Symbol) - Crown Chakra-purifying and protective stone
  • Lapis Lazuli Crystal ( Master Symbol)- Third eye Chakra-the stone of truth-Activate the higher mind and stimulate the desire for knowledge, truth, and understanding
  • Blue Aventurine Crystal (Distance Healing symbol)- Throat Chakra-stone for patience and trusting the Universe
  • Green Aventurine Crystal (Emotional / Mental Healing Symbol) - Heart Chakra-This green aventurine pyramid will open up your Heart Chakra and will allow you to feel joy, gratitude, love, and compassion.
  • Yellow Aventurine Crystal ( Personal  Power Symbol) - Solar Plexus Chakra-This chakra is associated with will, personal power, and one’s ability to make decisions and take control. This chakra is where our identity lies.
  • Orange Aventurine Crystal (Master Symbol)- Sacral Chakra-The Sacral Chakra governs the parts of our lives that have to do with emotions, pleasure, and creativity
  • Red Jasper Crystal (Healing symbol) - Base Root Chakra-The Root Chakra governs our basic survival needs: money, shelter, and food. It also governs our sense of balance, support, and connection to the physical world.

Orgone Pyramid Blocks (EMF) Radiation - From your cell phones, wi-fi routers, computers and other electronic devices that expose CANCER causing RADIATION.

Healing Chakra condensed metal matrix that includes a combination of quartz crystal and other energy clearing crystals and stones that absorb negative energies and transmute them into positive forces that stimulate the body to heal itself.

The Crystals & Stones have been charged with positive intentions prior to casting. They have also been smudged with energy clearing white sage. Smudging is an ancient Native American tradition used to cleanse negative energy.The Orgonite are infused with harmonic tones during the curing process that help balance the body’s natural frequency

Large Amounts Of Positive Energy - By simply holding or being near these devices you will feel large amounts of positive energy. This is also known as Chi, Prana, and Zero point energy.

Wherever you place these Orgonite Vibes Pyramid, They keep the air and life force in the home clean and positive.Besides this is a great centerpiece for a spa, yoga studio, float center, business or home environment.Although They can be placed anywhere you want to clear ambient energy!

The dimensions of this pyramid are 75-80MM Base Width, 75-80MM Height, & 75-80MM Length.

The orgonite pyramid is effective around 20 feet of the covering area.

The weight of the pyramid is approximately 300-350 gram.




Protect against electromagnetic “smog” (i.e. cell phones, computers, etc)

Protect against radiation

Boost self-confidence

Enhances Meditation

Raises your consciousness

Made of Genuine Material

Contains genuine crystals and stones

Used Reich’s Technology



We've always believed in the power of locally made goods. The quality of the craftsmanship and the local artisans we employ are what make Orgonite Vibes our mission in life.

positive impact





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It came much darker than I thought it would be.

It was not as brightly colored as the photo on the web site. I was disappointed that the polymer on the outside appeared to be tinted with a darkness.

Linda S
Orgonite chakra pyramid

It was a gift for my sister, who works and lives in the same space at home so it is in that space with her and her husband
She loved the colors and seems to feel calmer and more centered and m attributing it to the pyramid!
Thank you


Love it

Jonathan U.
Very beautiful

Really good.

YAsh Gowda
Extraordinary product...

I Love it.