Everyone may gain advantage from a touch of extra luck. Whether you’re seeking success in business, finance or relationships, for all you know crystals may be the answer!

Down on luck, do not be disappointed there are certain crystals and gemstones that will help. Universal energy is increased as each crystal has unique vibrations and characteristics. Using the correct crystals can boost your luck, relationships, wealth and prosperity.

 There are many crystals with special properties which will bring in luck and good fortune.

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Let us have a look at some of the Good luck crystals now…

Citrine (The Lucky Merchants Stone)

Citrine is one of the most powerful gemstones for promoting success in business  and is one of the stones of abundance. Citrine’s vibration bring wealth and prosperity, teaches us to understand how to attract it and we spend wisely. Citrine is a great charm to choose. It’s also brilliant for just improving your mood! Keep it in your cash box for some extra financial luck.

Green Aventurine (Stone of Opportunity)

Green Aventurine is one of the luckiest crystals. Because of its winning energy It is very famous with people who like gambling. This lucky chance crystal is useful for attracting wealth and good luck, and improves your financial situations. Carry this crystal in your pocket and its sure to  bring you luck! Want to boost your finances or good fortune then this is the lucky crystal.

Moldavite (Extra-Terrestrial Stone)

Moldavite is a dark green stone with a high vibration that can open and cleanse all chakras whilst attracting abundance and good fortune. It works well with other crystals as it is said to multiply their effects. It is used for good luck and protection. You can wear it as jewellery or use it as an energy tool.


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