Always trust your own guidance, you don't need to explain or justify your decisions and feelings to anyone. Do you trust your intuition? It is a matter to choose or be in touch with. We all have intuitions. It's just a matter of time if we choose to be in touch with that intuition or not. Incorporating crystals into your daily routine can help you become more in tune with your inner guidance. 

Always trust your intuition, it plays a huge role in our lives. It’s that voice within you that tells you what is right or wrong. It literally means learning from within. It is hearing out from the universe. The guidance light takes you in the right direction.

Life is so hectic these days that being calm and sitting in peace for at least five minutes is difficult. And at times so much mental energy is needed to make the right decisions. There are so many crystals that are used for guidance, clarity that will take you in the right path.

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Some of the crystals that guide and help you are:


A crystal which has been a symbol of wealth. a protective, abundant and stress relieving crystal. It is especially effective at relieving work or related anxiety and stress.

Crystal Quartz

A master healing crystal of clarity and purity. It relieves stress, helps focus and creates pure thoughts.


This crystal  enhances the mental and intuitive abilities and assists in communication with higher guides and spirits . 


A Guiding crystal which has the ability to find happiness and discover ones divine purpose in life. It helps one feel focused and calm.


This is used to boost confidence, self-esteem, and most of all creativity and true expression.

Connect with your crystals to understand how your intuition communicates with them and how they guide you through the universe. 


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