What are Psychic Abilities and Orgonites that Stimulates Them

Orgonites are renowned for their healing properties, which includes balancing the chakras, protecting us from harmful EMF, and many others. Orgonites generate positive orgone energy, which is similar to the life-force energies we know as chi and prana. Another amazing property of orgonite is stimulating and improving our psychic abilities.

What is Psychic Ability?

We often think of ourselves as ordinary people and we almost worship people who show extraordinary powers. However, the truth is that we have the power to do things that are out of the ordinary abilities, it is just that we don’t realize it yet. All of us have psychic abilities and with the right stimulation, we can boost our psychic abilities.

Some of the various types of psychic abilities are:

  • Mental projection or astral projection
  • Dowsing
  • Divination
  • Premonition or precognition
  • Telekinesis or Psychokinesis
  • Telepathy

At least once in our lifetime, we may have experienced any of these abilities. Those are the moments that we would feel so proud of ourselves. Just think how wonderful your life will be if you have the facility to call upon the power of these abilities? Orgonite devices like orgonite pyramids, orgonite bracelets, etc. help you stimulate these abilities and be extraordinary.

Orgonite that Stimulates Psychic Abilities

  • ORGONITE LAPIS LAZULI ONYX ORGONE PYRAMID - Made with one of the most popular crystals and gemstones, this amazing pyramid helps stimulate your psychic abilities. It also provides many other benefits, including attracting money, activating your mind to a higher plane, and so on. Purchase this orgonite pyramid from Orgonite Vibes at just $39.95.

  • ORGONITE LAPIS LAZULI JAPA MALA STONE NECKLACE - Here is an orgonite made with Lapis Lazuli crystal, which promotes positive orgone energy flow and stimulates your psychic abilities. Other properties include stimulating wisdom, encouraging honesty, and more. Make this japa mala necklace yours at just $49.95.

  • ORGONITE PERIDOT BRACELET - This is an orgonite bracelet that boasts of many wonderful properties. Made with the Peridot crystal and gemstone, this bracelet helps in stimulating your psychic abilities and raising your mind. This bracelet also helps in protecting you from the harmful EMF radiation. Purchase this product at just $39.95 and stay protected.

  • ORGONITE SELENITE HEALING NUBIAN PYRAMID - Nubian is one of the most popular orgonite pyramid shapes. Their unique shape helps them to provide the best healing benefits to all living beings. Made with the powerful protective stone, Selenite, this product helps in awakening your psychic abilities. Other properties include cleansing the aura, releasing negativity and negative energies, reducing stress, and so on. Purchase yours today at just $44.95.


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