Overwhelmed with your emotions, feeling very low and a lot of negative thoughts are going through your mind lately? Then you need some emotional healing. Confused on which crystal to use because a lot of crystals consist of properties for multiple uses, some are the best for specific functions, such as emotional healing. Crystals have different energy, elements and compounds and each one helps us in various ways.

The emotional wounds of abuse, neglect, trauma and loss make you feel completely at loss and crystals help you to move forward with strength and clarity. Crystal energy helps you to burn through attachments, wounds and negative patterns. They guide you to promote kindness, peace, and love.

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Have a look at crystals that help you heal and maintain emotional balance


This helps to get rid of bad memories and heal their emotional scars. It helps the user to heal physically, mentally and emotionally.


This beautiful blue crystal symbolizes peace and calmness. This helps you calm down and focus on the essential tasks at hand.


This is one of the most beautiful and powerful crystals in the world. This helps you to remove negative feelings like anger, anxiety, fear, and regret and also balance all your emotions.


Moonstone has its physical resemblance to the moon and is also deeply connected to it. This crystal helps you understand your emotional self and reduce your stress and instability.


Jade symbolizes harmony and purity. The energy of jade is used to create peaceful emotions of love and acceptance and leaving no room for negative thoughts like anger and stress.

Rose Quartz

A classic example of love. It removes old wounds and hurts and opens the heart to trust in love and have faith It removes mistrust and suspicion and paves a new path of love and trust.


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