The modern belief that crystals have healing powers traces back a long long time back to Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt, Greece and even Rome. In Chinese medicine, crystals were and still are believed to contain "qi," or "life energy." Even in the Buddhist faith, crystals are used as messengers to transmit various energies to the body when you use them.

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How to pick crystals?

We, at orgonite vibes always believe to say that your approach to picking crystals must be simple - have an open heart and an open mind and be very curious when you are picking crystals, this way to get to know what you actually want and what is right for you. Listen to what is drawing you at that time, feel the energy that is there within those little yet powerful crystals.

One of the great benefits of natural crystals are that they help us be more rooted and grounded in the moment by giving us a connection to earth. But if you're the kind of person who needs a little more structure or guidance as you learn to trust your intuition then you must begin exploring the world of crystals. Now take an instance, if you’re looking to feel more grounded, then orange, red, metal or deep earth-toned colored crystals are great choices. If you are looking to connect to a higher realm then clear crystals are apt.


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