Orgone Energy Pyramid


The calming and grounding energy of Turquoise crystal makes it one of the most important and unique crystals available to mankind. It can be used when you are feeling overwhelmed, or to aid in meditation. It greatly helps us connect to the spiritual realm.

Turquoise is the most ancient and sacred crystal that is amongst us, and that can be utilized by human beings. The fact, it was the first crystal ever to be mined by a civilisation!

You’ll find the turquoise crystal available in loose, in many different shapes, and in jewellery too. It's a rare crystal worth more than gold. But all this depends on its purity, color, and place of origin.

The deep blue hues of the turquoise crystal call upon the powerful yet infinitely gentle energy of the ocean and sky. It symbolizes wisdom, prosperity, tranquility, and protection. Turquoise promotes sensations of serenity. This deeply peaceful crystal allows you to process your troubles and ultimately feel more connected to your true self and the spiritual world.

This crystal is highly effective at removing throat-related ailments as it works closely with the throat chakra. This highly aesthetic crystal lends itself to a wide range of applications. You can keep it as a gentle guiding light that inspires self-care and self-confidence. You can also wear it as a pendant or some form of necklace. With this, it remains close to the throat chakra. It helps in maximizing the energy that occurs between yourself and your turquoise gemstone.

Keep some turquoise crystals in your home so its energy flows into every corner of your house. It keeps all the bad energy and bad luck far away from you. You can place it in your office to attract prosperity and wealth. If you are having health issues like chronic insomnia, place a turquoise crystal under your pillow in the evenings. This also facilitates constructive and calm communication between members. Boosts your relationship with your partner.

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