Orgonite Pyramids are composed of orgone energy. This energy embodies all things and lives everywhere. Pyramids aid in working with that energy and also by other types of energy. These are usually a perfect mixture of copper pieces and wire and precious gems all set together into a perfect resin pyramid. There are hundreds of crystals in them and it really depends up to you to decide what kind you want.

How do Pyramids work?

Positive and negative charges are constantly around us. In this new modern era we are surrounded by cell phone towers which emit  negative charges. All of us are surrounded by computers, tablets, TVs, cell phones and tons of other objects that project electromagnetic fields which are harmful to us and our bodies. The orgone pyramids restore the positive charge in our energy field and have amazing benefits on us.

These electronic devices lower our vibrations. And so our feelings of fear, depression, anger, sadness, stress, and other negative feelings are heightened.

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How do you choose your perfect pyramid?

The layers and structure of the pyramid creates and concentrates positive orgone energies which accumulate healing energy within us which in turn increases wellness and restores harmony. 

You can start with a chakra orgonite pyramid or a pyramid with your birthstone in it. This will be very useful. All Crystals have certain types of abilities and energies to help us. Citrine promotes healing . While fluorite or obsidian brings in protection.  Choose rose quartz for Love.


You can place your pyramids anywhere in your house. Near your bed, living or study room. The energies released from this  help you abundantly. In terms of Body, Mind, Soul these Orgone pyramids help us in healing from within ourselves. 

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