The word Orgonite arrives from the word Orgone.

Orgonite crystals are definitely a beautiful piece of eye candy but not only being beautiful, they have the powerful ability to bring us into healing harmony and balance. Most orgone products are made into some shape of a pyramid such as orgonite pyramids or bracelets such as orgonite bracelets. They are also made into jewellery to wear and just about any shape or form their creator chooses can be attained. But the orgone crystal products do what they have to do - perform healing.

Today we have so many varieties of different orgone energy generators in our portfolio like orgonite pyramids, orgonite bands and orgonite bracelets.


Dr. Wilhelm Reich born in the old Austro-Hungarian Empire, back in 1897. His experiments included the use of a galvanometer that allowed him to discover that our skin has an electric charge when we found ourselves in pleasant situations, to which he called bioelectric energy.

Later on, he discovers energy vesicles he called bions. The vesicles made a kind of radiation that charged the surrounding objects. Finding that this radiation was the same bioelectric energy he already found, he then called the energy of Orgone.

Creation of ORAC…

Wilhelm Reich then built his first orgone accumulator, also known as ORAC. It was made of plywood lined with rock wool and sheet iron. The intention was to generate a strong concentration of positive orgone that would have a healing effect.

Reich conducted experiments with mice that had cancer in an ORAC box. By placing healthy mice and sick mice inside the box and comparing with another control group, he found out that even the mice that had cancer had a long lifetime compared to the mice that weren’t on the ORAC box.

With success on these experiments, he then moved on to treat people with cancer and other ailments where the healing properties could help them.

The invention of Cloudbuster…

In 1951 Dr. Wilhelm Reich built his first Cloudbuster, which was a device made of hollow metal tubes believed to be capable of pushing negative orgone energy from the atmosphere.


 During the 1953 droughts, two farmers asked the scientist if he could make it rain. According to an anonymous witness, the rain started pouring at the end of the day, saving their plantations. During 1954, this event was enough for the Food & Drugs Administration (FDA) to prohibit the selling of Orgone Accumulators.

 Again, on March 19th, 1954 a judge ordered that all accumulators, parts and instructions to be destroyed, and that several of Reich‘s books that mentioned orgone be withheld.

 In 1956, the court ordered destruction of Reich‘s accumulator after one of his associates got caught sending parts of an accumulator by mail to another state violating the FDA orders.

For this reason, on June 5th, 1956, two FDA officials went to Reich laboratory to supervise the destruction of accumulators. On June 26th, 1956 agents again returned to oversee the destruction of all promotional materials, including 251 copies of Reich‘s books. On August 23th, 1956, six tons of Wilhelm Reich‘s books, journals, and papers were burned in an incinerator in New York.

 In 1957, Dr. Wilhelm Reich was arrested and finally on 3rd November, 1957, he was found dead in his cell.

As per his will stated, he was buried in an Orgonon, in his laboratory in Maine, USA.

It was a sad dismiss to the scientist whose creation and studies are being practised till date and will continue to flourish. We pay tribute to the great being and thank him for his works in this field. We at ORGONITE VIBES deal with so many products dealing with healing crystals and their properties and have such a huge database of loyal customers. Click here to purchase any orgone healing crystals if you wish to!