Everything in this universe consists of energy. The walls that surround you, the plants and the flowers outside everything has some type of energy within them. Crystals carry the energies of the world inside them. The advantages of a crystal rely upon its color, its clearness. The healing touch of crystals help us to heal our body, mind and spirit!

Some of the colors of the most popular crystals we know are as follows:

Pink : to attract fondness, calm anger
Blue: to establish peace, tranquility
Black: to provide yourself with protection from negative energies around you
Purple: to establish reference to higher power (good for addiction)

Green: to facilitate establish calm and balance in body
Red: that acts like an energizer
White: to pull the negative energies out of the body

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Meditation with the crystal that matches your temperament. Crystal healing may be done in yoga, veganism, and healthy living; There are a number of completely different ways of healing. We tend to move in an exceedingly constant state of stress over many issues.. Being during this constant state of stress will cause disturbances on our bodies. That twitch in your eye you’ve developed over the last month. Or that twinge in your knee that’s been bothering you since long that you are unable to get relieve off. 
It’s better to balance those emotions. And adding a crystal to your daily activities or your meditation session will extremely help you solve all problems.


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