Getting through the long weekdays can sometimes feel hard enough right? And then again without the added challenge of actually getting stuff done during them makes you feel even worse. 

Luckily, for this way there are crystals to help us out for our daily work routines. Crystals are focus-friendly stones that might not have been felt immediately when you purchased, but quite a few energy-boosting varieties of crystals are associated with increased focus and concentration, since they are thought to help you wake up and channel your energy toward productive ends.

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Hermite, Moss Agate, Kyanite, Garnet and Sodalite are some of the main crystals used for this purpose. Let us look at the hermite crystal and the moss agate crystal amongst the list of crystals.


This crystal's grounding energy urges one to hold onto your convictions. Why? So it ought to help you stick to the plan you laid out for yourself. This crystal's grounding energy helps you to urge onto your convictions, so it ought to help you stick to the plan you laid out for yourself.

Moss Agate

The exact same properties that make this stone useful in the garden make it a powerful crystal for concentration, too. If you are considering using your moss agate to focus on your to-do list, you will notice its influence in your increased sense of purpose and calm.


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