Stay Protected with our Aquamarine Pyramid

Orgonite is one of the most popular healing and energy balancing products available today. Orgonite products help in generating orgone energy, which is the life force energy that positively influences all living beings. Orgone energy was first discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Reich and it is the same as the energies known as chi and prana.

Orgone energy helps in opening an individual’s mind and filling it with wonderful, positive thoughts. Orgonite products and other specific crystals and gemstones generate positive orgone energy. Today, let us meet one of the popular orgonite pyramids that heals and balances our life force - the Aquamarine Pyramid.

The Aquamarine Pyramid is an orgonite pyramid which, as the name denotes, is made of aquamarine crystals. Aquamarine is one of the most celebrated and popular of all crystals and gemstones that are known to man. Aquamarine is known as the stone of protection and courage. It helps you be your normal self and speak out truly and frankly.

Aquamarine stones have the wonderful property of healing and balancing your chakras. In order to lead a happy, peaceful and successful life, it is important that our chakras are balanced. When chakras are balanced and in harmony, energy flows uniformly throughout the body. This is why orgonite products like Aquamarine Pyramid and other orgonite pyramids become an important part of our life.

Blue hued, Aquamarine stone is also known as the sea water stone. The stone symbolises the calmness of the ocean and also helps calm and soothe your mind whenever you are near it. Authentic and handcrafted Aquamarine stones help in generating powerful orgone energy and protecting you from all evils. 

At Orgonite Vibes, we understand how important it is for you to stay protected and safe from the evil eyes all around you. It is why we have set out to provide you with the best orgonite products that are crafted with care and infused with positive energy. The same can be said about our Aquamarine Pyramid, the Orgonite Aquamarine Healing Pyramid

Aquamarine Pyramid

This orgonite pyramids is made of natural and authentic aquamarine crystals, Halo Chips, and Copper. The coil that you can find inside the pyramid helps in keeping the pyramid charged all the time. Thanks to the coil, the pyramid is able to emit and radiate amazing positive energy.

The beautiful Orgonite Aquamarine Healing Pyramid has many amazing properties. The pyramid helps in healing the Throat chakra as aquamarine stones are associated with it. It helps in preventing you from being exposed to the harmful EMF radiation pollution. The pyramid also helps in clearing blocked communication and in self-expression.

The Orgonite Aquamarine Healing Pyramid is one of the products that we recommend the most. You can enjoy its protective and healing power for just $39.95. You can also purchase authentic crystals and gemstones from your favourite online store - Orgonite Vibes. 

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