Raise Mental Awareness with Orgonite Selenite Healing Nubian Pyramid

Orgonite devices help in boosting positive energy flow through our bodies. Orgonite is created using the same principles as the orgone energy accumulator, which was designed by Dr. Wilhelm Reich. Dr. Reich found that orgone energy helps in preventing cancer and other disorders. Orgonite devices also perform the same function and keep us safe.

Orgonite devices, including orgonite pyramids, orgonite bracelets, orgonite pendants, and all are designed for cleaning the surroundings of negative energy and converting it into powerful positive energy. Each device will be made of resins, metals, and natural crystals and gemstones. All gemstones will have healing powers and associated with a particular chakra.

Chakra, as you are already aware of, are focal points of energy. Lifeforce energy, like orgone energy, chi, and prana, flows through the chakra points in our body. Each chakra is associated with each organ or part of the body, and it determines the health and proper functioning of the organ. It is therefore important that the 7 chakras in our bodies are balanced and aligned, so as to ensure proper flow of energy. Orgonite bracelets, orgonite pendants, and other orgonite devices see to it that the chakras are in harmony.

One of the most celebrated crystals and gemstones, used in and for making orgonite devices is Selenite. Named after Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon, Selenite is a stone that protects. Wearing a device made of selenite, or being near it will protect you from all negative energy, evil eye, and all negative influences. This is the stone that raises your mental awareness and heals your Third Eye and Crown chakras.

Healing Properties of Selenite

  • Clears Energy Blockages - One of the most revered properties of selenite crystal is that it heals all the energy blockages, especially negative energy. It also helps in cleaning the energies of other crystals that you have in your possession.

  • Helps you be Grounded - Staying grounded is the best way to achieve success in life and selenite is the stone that helps you be humble and grounded always. Thanks to selenite, you can always focus on the present and work towards achieving your goals.

  • Boosts Concentration - Staying concentrated is the key to boosting your productivity. Selenite is the stone that helps you in having control over your mind and raising it to a whole new level.

  • Helps in Meditation - By being the stone that helps your Third Eye and Crown chakras, and protective stone, selenite helps in clearing all mental blocks, negative thoughts and help you have a calm mind. This helps you in meditating peacefully.

  • Provides Physical, Mental, and Emotional Balance - Selenite stone helps in balancing and stabilizing your body. Thanks to this crystal, you can not only achieve good health but also be healthy in you mind and achieve emotional well-being too.

These are some of the best healing properties of selenite but it is not limited to these alone. Even though the stone may lack much physical strength when compared to the other crystals and gemstones, the spiritual strength of the stone is worth mentioning.

Selenite is genuinely one of the best stones known to man. To help you enjoy its benefits, at Orgonite Vibes, has a fantastic product that you will love, the ORGONITE SELENITE HEALING NUBIAN PYRAMID


Let us take a look at the properties and benefits of this product:

  • Enhances Psychic Abilities - Our selenite orgonite pyramid helps in connecting with the mind and enhancing its psychic abilities. By being near it will help your mind to travel to a much higher plane.
  • Releases Negativity - There is negativity all around us and being affected by it does too much harm to us. Our Selenite Orgonite Nubian pyramid helps in releasing all negative feelings and negative emotions around us and protects us.
  • Boosts Self-confidence - Sel-confidence is the key to achieving many great things in life. With self-confidence, we won’t be afraid to do things that we may not try to do otherwise. This pyramid also helps in increasing our self-esteem.
  • Made of Genuine Materials - We believe that healing is possible only with natural and genuine materials, including crystals and gemstones. Each material that goes into making this pyramid is 100% genuine and the product itself is handmade.
  • Designed using Reich’s Technology - Even though Dr. Reich didn’t design the modern orgonite, he made the orgone energy accumulator. Modern orgonite devices are designed using the same technology, which helps it provide holistic benefits.

These are some of the amazing benefits and properties of the ORGONITE SELENITE HEALING NUBIAN PYRAMID. This product is available for purchase at just $44.95. Shop yours now and raise your mental awareness. 

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