An orgonite is composed of resin, metal shavings and a tiny bit of quartz.

The ground rules to make a functional orgonite are quite simple:

  •       A mix of about 50% resin (Organic material)
  •       50% metal shavings. Any metal is good (Inorganic material)
  •       And add a small bit of quartz in the mix

Let us see how the ingredients are combined to form these beautiful products which collectively make our brand name – the ORGONITE VIBES.


Firstly, the Organic material… The most commonly used material for making orgone devices is polyester resin. It is organic (in the chemical sense) which we commonly refer to as, it is carbon - based.

Organic materials are responsible for holding onto the orgone energy. They attract and hold this orgone energy. Some people use epoxy or other resins, but polyester resin is generally preferred to most orgonite makers.

Reason for using the polyester resin is because it shrinks when it cures, putting pressure on the crystal quartz. Our orgone products are formed by this as the base. We are referring to products like orgonite pyramid, orgonite bracelets, orgonite necklaces and various other products on our website.


Secondly, the inorganic materials such as metal shavings often used like aluminium or copper as they are commonly available.

The reason behind organic materials used…

The higher the surface area is, i.e. the smaller the shavings, the more effective the orgonite is. Metals attract, then immediately repel orgone energy. Because the organic material attracts and holds orgone energy, and the metal repels it, a “scrubbing” action takes place, where the stagnant energy is being rapidly pushed and pulled back and forth, essentially cleaning it. The more metal an orgonite contains, the more effective it is, which is why orgonite makers recommend roughly 50% metal content. For more information on what metals are suitable in orgonite, see this article on metals in orgonite.


Crystals – The main crystal used in orgonite is crystal quartz, or any other crystal which has a piezoelectric effect. This means that when the crystal is put under pressure, it generates a small electric charge. Resin shrinks when it cures, so the quartz is constantly under pressure. It is not known exactly how the piezoelectric effect affects the orgone energy orgonite without quartz in it can in the long run become clogged up with DOR (deadly orgone radiations) – the crystal is essential for the conversion of DOR to POR.


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