One of the most widely reported benefits of orgonite is that it helps in restful sleep. Especially in the case of those who suffer from insomnia or disturbed sleep patterns throughout the night.

Orgonite crystals are intended to be utilized by individuals who are facing issues nodding off, or who are irritated in the night and experience issues returning to rest once more.


Orgonite is a substance made up of natural elements from the universe. It has universal power and converts negative energy into positive energy and brings harmony and peace in life. Orgonite transforms the entire surroundings. We are living on a technological edge and surrounded by smartphones, television, computers and many other electronic devices. They emit electromagnetic radiations (EMF) which are harmful to the body. Orgonite protects us from these harmful radiations. It consumes negative energies and transforms them into positive energies.

There are many ways of using orgonite as a sleeping tool.

Try using an orgonite pyramid for instance. This will energize the environment and bring peace and make the surroundings stress free.

  • Keeping the orgonite under the pillow or at the corner of the bed.

Try using crystals and gemstones, mala beads for instance. In the long run this proves to be beneficial if the person is suffering from any kinds of ailments.

  • You can also use the orgonite products by wearing them on yourselves in the form of orgonite pendants, orgonite bracelets or tie it on your hand before sleep. When it touches your body, it will energize it. All the stress and anxiety will come down as it will relax your nerves.

Popular orgonite crystals like Amethyst, Sodalite, Jade, Clear Quartz and Selenite are the most powerful crystals to help you sleep. Each one having its own way of healing, but all intended to work for a common cause – sleep pattern revival!

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How can one use the crystal energy for sleep patterns?

Crystals that are grounding or associated with the lower chakras are usually very helpful since sleep is a lower chakra activity. Crystals, like we know can be of various forms and shapes. This piece ought to be set as near the body as conceivable when endeavouring to rest.

Perfect positions to place orgonite crystals

  • On a bedside table
  • Underneath or to the side of your pillow
  • Underneath your sleeping pillow
  • Underneath the bed

So, here you have it, we have listed it all out, how you can make use of Orgone products for your specific requirement like sleep.

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