Orgonite Bracelets - How to use them to Reap the Benefits

Orgonite devices come in a variety of shapes - pyramids, pendants, bracelets, to name a few. Irrespective of the shape and size of the device, the primary aim of each is to convert negative energies around you into positive energies and influence your life. The positive energy generated by orgonite devices is known as orgone energy.

Orgone energy was discovered in the 1930s by the Austrian scientist and psychoanalyst Dr. Wilhelm Reich. Dr. Reich found this energy to be the same as chi and prana, the life force energies believed in different traditions. Orgone energy is healing and it will be emitted by natural crystals and gemstones, and orgonite devices like the orgonite bracelets.

Orgonite devices will be made with natural crystals, and other genuine materials like resins, and metals. All these materials will vibrate together to clear the surroundings of negative energy and convert them into positive and beneficial energy. The energy emitted from the crystals and gemstones and other materials benefits all living beings in the surrounding, plants, pets, and everything.

Orgonite bracelets are one of the most popular of the orgonite devices. Orgonite Vibes, one of the most trusted stores for crystals online, and many other stores offer a wide collection of orgonite bracelets made from genuine crystals and materials. What makes the orgonite bracelets from Orgonite Vibes stand out is that our products are handmade by local artisans and infused with powerful positive energy. Using the bracelets the right way will help you in reaping the many benefits offered by them.

How to Use?

Orgonite Bracelets, as the name suggests, is meant to be worn, to make it more effective. If you are placing it near you, on a table or the headrest of the bed, chances are that there will be certain hindrances in the surroundings, which could hinder you from completely reaping the benefits it provides.

By wearing orgonite bracelets, it will be in constant contact with your body. The energy flowing through your body will be cleansed and healed all the time and all blockages removed. Your chakras will also be in a balanced and harmonious state all the time. The smooth flow of life force energy can ensure that you experience holistic health. The crystals and gemstones in the bracelet help in calming the mind and converting your surrounding energies to positive vibrations.


The benefits that you get from orgonite bracelets are many, and most depend on the crystals and gemstones used to make the bracelet. If you are using a 7 chakra bracelet, all your chakras will benefit from the positive vibrations of the stone, but if you are using, say an amethyst bracelet, chances are likely that a particular or two chakras are benefited. The following are some effects of certain crystals:

Theses effects of crystals are not limited to the said ones alone, but many others too. Also, all these above-mentioned stones can have many other positive effects on individuals. Some of the common benefits provided by orgonite bracelets are:

  • EMF Protection - Staying protected from the harmful EMF radiation, during these modern times is easier said than done. We are constantly in contact with our smartphones, laptops, desktops, wifi routers, and near cell towers too. Orgonite bracelets generate positive orgone energy that functions as a shield and barrier, thereby protecting us from the cancer-causing EMF radiation.

  • Cleanses - Our surroundings are filled with negative energy. All the negative thoughts that come to our mind and the evil eyes that fall on us makes us stressed and unhappy. When we are wearing orgonite bracelets, the negative energies around us will be absorbed by this orgonite devices, cleansed and released to our surroundings.

  • Calms the Mind - Wearing orgone energy generating bracelets from the most popular store that sells crystals online helps in calming and soothing the mind of all anxious feelings. Trying hard each day to achieve the targets, our own goals, and desires, and so on, makes anxiety to creep into our mind. It causes us to lose our concentration and not be able to meditate well. Orgonite bracelets help in calming the mind and concentrate properly so that we can meditate peacefully. Meditating with the bracelet also help in diffusing it with intention, so that you can easily achieve your dreams, goals, and aims.

These are some of the ways in which orgonite bracelets influence and benefit your life. For a wide collection of orgonite devices and other crystals online, visit Orgonite Vibes. We have an astounding range of orgone energy generating bracelets that you can purchase at the most affordable prices. Visit our store now!

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