Human beings have bio-electrical systems, so prolonged daily exposure to artificial EMF’s can interfere with key biological processes. Precious gemstones and crystals have long been worn for decorative purposes but the ancients knew about their powerful healing and protective properties! We are getting back to those old times again, are we now remembering these ancient wisdoms that were known but lost?

Studies about crystals for reducing Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) have been developed so much that it can leave the reader amazed by the research and development.

There are many kinds of materials and solutions out there for EMF radiation protection, today we are going to unpack the material Orgonite.

Firstly, we shall discuss the brief history of orgonite and orgone and then move on to the link between orgone generator crystals and emf radiation.


Orgonite is a substance made of resin, metals and quartz that balances and harmonises bio-energy, otherwise known as orgone, chi or prana. It is basically a combination of organic and inorganic materials consisting as already stated like metals, quartz, and resin.

Orgonite is known for properties like attracting negative energy to good positive energies from the place where it kept, from the person having/keeping these stones with them.

The name Orgonite comes from “orgone” which is a term for vital energy found everywhere in nature. You may also have heard the word “orgone” described as Chi,  Prana, or Aether.

In a high-tech world where we are living in the 21st century today, Orgonite has become very popular as a spiritual healing tool and as protection against electromagnetic field radiations.

The big question - does orgonite protect against EMF radiation?

As per studies, Orgonite has the ability to neutralize nuclear radiation. Does that mean Orgonite can protect against EMF radiation?

 YES! Orgonite can protect against EMF radiation and the reasoning is very simple. It is due to the various metals that are layered within it in its own structure.

Most metals have the amazing ability to decrease radiation. This means that there is a steady loss of negative radiations (or energy) as the energy passes through the orgonite material. Although no product or material can eliminate EMF radiation fully, the ability to decrease, allows your actual exposure to go down or become completely neutralized, thus protecting you against the radiation.

One of the many properties of a metal is that metal can trap EMF. Metal also has the ability to block radiation. Why? Because of its ability to absorb radio and magnetic waves. It all depends on how thick it is, and what frequency of electromagnetic wave. EM waves can penetrate metal shells to a certain distance, but are attenuated as they travel through.  The wave will be mostly reflected, but the remainder will travel through being exponentially attenuated.

With Orgonite the metal is not completely solid so you may wonder how it is able to attenuate the radiation. The separation of metals due to the many layered formation used in this material is smaller than the largest wavelength, thus allowing it to almost completely stop the radiations.


We have seen a lot of how orgonite can work on radiations which are, will and going to harm humans in the long run. But it all matters how one wants to take care of one’s self finally. If you wish to use orgonite crystals in your personal life in the form of an orgone energy bracelet, orgonite pyramid we recommend you could actually pay a visit to our website ORGONITE VIBES for a glance thru or purchase of orgonite products.