Orgonite is a substance made of resin, metals and quartz that balances and harmonises bio-energy, otherwise known as orgone, chi or prana.

Today’s Orgonite crystals are built on the findings of Dr Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian psychiatrist, who studied orgone energy in the 20th century.

Orgonite is a mix of organic and non-organic materials. Elaborating more on this, by stating organic material we mean to say resin and non-organic material we mean metal shavings. Orgonite is based on a 50-50 mix of both these particles.

What are the benefits of Orgonite?

Orgonite benefits can differ from person-to-person. Some can feel the energy straight away but some take time to feel the powers. The most commonly reported effects of using Orgonite are:

  • Decreased sensitivity to EMFs
  • Increased resistance to illness
  • Better sleep patterns
  • More energy
  • Spiritual and psychological growth
  • Balanced moods

Orgonite – Uses of it, how people benefit from it.

Orgonite is an orgone generator used in the form of crystals and gemstones. Some of the uses of Orgonite are listed below:

  • Protecting oneself against EMFs
  • To balance and strengthen their energetic field
  • Strengthen intentions
  • Strengthen visualisations
  • Deepen meditation
  • Boost plant growth

Orgone – Getting to know the energies of chi or prana

When orgone energy was discovered, Wilhelm Reich said that he had discovered cosmic life energy – an omnipresent energy too subtle to be measured with everyday instruments.

Most esoteric and metaphysical teachings have emphasized the idea of subtle energies that are found everywhere – from the human body to the air around us – the building blocks of all life on earth. Reich termed it orgone, in Traditional Chinese medicine it is termed Qi, in Ayurveda and tantra it is called prana.

Many alternative healing methods, such as Reiki and Quantum Touch, make use of subtle energies in order to heal imbalances in the body.

There are variations between the different theories and characteristics of subtle energy – in particular because they cannot be measured by scientific instruments – instead, generations of people with a natural or practiced sensitivity to subtle energies have managed to sense the way in which these work.

  • Here are the basic properties of orgone energy according to Wilhelm Reich:
  • Organic materials attracted and held orgone energy.
  • Non-Organic metal materials attracted and then rapidly repelled it.
  • It fills all space and is everywhere.
  • It’s mass free and is the primordial, cosmic energy.
  • It penetrates matter, but at different speeds.
  • It pulsates and is observable and measurable.
  • It has a strong affinity and attraction to/by water.
  • It is accumulated naturally in the living organism by ingesting foods, breathing, and through the skin.

Orgonite and Consciousness

Subtle energy is thought to have an intelligence of its own. This is why Orgonite affects people in different ways – the function of Orgonite is an invigorating and balancing one, but this may manifest differently according to the individual’s needs. You don’t need to tell Orgonite what to do!

We can use our consciousness to interact with Orgonite and orgone energy. orgone is the building block of our material reality and we can use our thoughts and emotions to interact with it and shape our material worlds with it.

Signing off today…

We have had a chance to understand what Orgonite is. The powerful belief and healing properties it poses. Orgonite comes in the form of crystals, pendants, pyramids, bracelets, If you wish to see the different products please do visit our website, ORGONITE VIBES. Stay tuned for more updates on our blog portal where we shall discuss the Orgonite properties for emf radiation in detail in the coming post.