Obviously, many people wouldn’t go ahead and build an orgone accumulator in their homes and the Cloudbuster certainly isn’t right for daily use. As we know, fortunately despite the historic misgivings and shutdowns on Reich’s work, there are everyday Orgone devices designed for home use purposes all across.

Orgone Pyramids are popular for those who are looking to re-tune the Orgone Energy in their homes. One such example is the orgone pyramids that are built in line with the science behind how Orgone Energy works. Often, organic materials are used to attract and hold the energy and then non-organic materials are used to simultaneously attract and repel the energy. What more… They also include healing crystals to up their power because this energy is being pulled and pushed resulting in a charge or scrubbing action which cleanses and shakes the stagnancy from the energy and turns the negative energies into positive.

In short, Orgone devices work as a filter system for all forms of energy. The pyramid is also the perfect filter shape as it has space and shape to effectively work those cleaning powers and channelize them in the right directions. The Pyramid is also a symbol of the earth and the cosmos. It simultaneously stays balanced and grounded while being connected to higher potential and the universe.

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Similarly for the orgone pendants and jewellery are also popular for those who want to stay protected around the clock. Having an Orgone Pendant around your neck or as a bracelet or any form of orgone jewellery, will have the added benefit of being close to your skin. Direct skin contact can ensure that any negative or stagnant energy in the body is swirled up and cleansed and ready to guide you to more positive and healthy places.

Along with cleansing energy, Orgone jewellery and home devices can be amazing for helping to keep the chakras cleansed. We have seven energy points in our body and each is connected to a certain area of our emotional and physical health where orgone energy is all geared towards shifting blocks and inviting life to flow through. Our seven chakras echo this as at times they can become blocked and stop all that universal energy from helping us hit our full potential. While orgonite is helping spin positive energy and removing filters and blocks, it will also contribute to keeping the chakras clear in flow.


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