If truly there are magic words that might build the pain of a break-up disappear, then there is nothing like it. Ending a relationship isn't simple, and it will be a sorrowful remainder of your life. Your new startup will be bittersweet with all old memories

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These are some of the crystals used to strengthen your relationships.

Amethyst :

Amethyst is believed to own a soothing, comforting vibration. If you’re feeling anxiety or depressed about a break-up. Then keeping amethyst next to your bed or in your crystal bottle would possibly ease your stress. 

Rainbow Moonstone:

This lovely gem is claimed to strengthen your female intuition and help you to be strong regarding your feelings for the split. It’s additionally believed to be a beautiful crystal for carving out new chapters in your life – just like the one you’re starting right now! 

Rose Quartz:

Filled with positivity, you’ll wish to surround yourself with quartz. Yes, it’s the stone of affection, and love. Keeping quartz close to you throughout a break-up will facilitate and open your eyes to all, as you’re mourning your relationship. 

General Tips!

Make room for joy and happiness. With a blend of jade, orange spar, clear quartz, and cornelian. This cheerful combination is claimed to encourage confidence, optimism, and after all, good luck. 

Tap into your feminine intuition with Luna, a mixture of rainbow moonstone  and clear quartz. These gems are believed to assist and open your heart, empower your female energy, and pave the ways for brand new beginnings. 

Focus on all the love in your life. A comforting mix of quartz, garnet, and clear quartz within your healing zone. These crystals will encourage self-compassion and  open your eyes to friends and family in your life.


Upon negative emotions fears arise. Fear and disappointment is deeply within you. These are buried inside and you simply won’t even acknowledge they’re there. Once you start to take away them, you'll forgive yourself and unharness the energy once and for all. 

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