Our planet earth has an abundance of crystals. When we associate with them they connect us to the healing and grounding energy of the planets. Crystals always give out happiness, joy and positivity to our lives. And they boost you in the perfect direction. It helps you to achieve a peaceful mind and helps in uplifting and energizing your physical state of being.

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Here are some great crystals that act as good mood boosters.


Known as the master healer which builds an energetic bridge between heaven and earth. This blue stone is known for its communication powers and has protective and lucky properties.


This beautiful manifestation stone is a crystal of light, happiness, and joy. Having one is a reminder to appreciate the world around you. This crystal helps to retain a positive state of mind, dream big and helps to walk through life with peace and gratitude.


A highly spiritual stone which connects people to their intuition and helps to open the third eye. Sit in a quiet place without any disturbance, hold this magical crystal in your hand and you will have new insights to life. Black


Anytime anger overcomes you and you are frustrated, take deep breaths and hold this crustal in your hand. This will calm you down and you will feel more optimistic.


Each crystal has their own healing properties for spirituality, prosperity, love and protection.

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