Meet the Orgonite Red Tiger Eye Japa Mala Neklace

Orgonite are devices that generate positive orgone energy which has a positive influence on all living beings. Orgone energy is similar to life force energy like chi and prana and it was discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Reich. He found out that orgone energy has the power to cure and reduce the risk of cancer.

Orgonite comes in many shapes including orgonite pyramids, orgonite bracelets, orgonite necklaces, and many others. They are made of crystals and gemstones and other genuine materials. They can also be found in the shape of Japa mala. Today, let us check out the features and properties of ORGONITE RED TIGER-EYE JAPA MALA STONE NECKLACE.

Made with one of the most popular crystals and gemstones, the ORGONITE RED TIGER-EYE JAPA MALA STONE NECKLACE is one of the most sought after products at Orgonite Vibes. Japa mala is a bead necklace used for prayers, which in English is often called as ‘rosary’. Japa mala helps you count while you recite your prayers, chant, say a mantra, or your God’s name.

Tiger Eye is one of the best-known crystals and gemstones for its healing and protective powers. The crystal appears in a variety of hues and each color denotes its association with a chakra. The Red Tiger Eye crystal heals the Root Chakra and is the stone of motivation. Tiger Eye crystal helps in instilling courage, willpower, and self-confidence.

The ORGONITE RED TIGER-EYE JAPA MALA STONE NECKLACE is an amazing orgonite necklace that can also be used as an orgonite bracelet. This is positive orgone energy generating necklace that you can use while meditation. It helps you connect with the Divine and stay engaged in prayers to him.

The healing properties of the Tiger Eye stone can work many wonders when it stays close to your body. Even though the power of energy being generated from orgonite pyramids cannot be compared, we can always feel the energy coursing through our body while wearing a bracelet or necklace.

The ORGONITE RED TIGER-EYE JAPA MALA STONE NECKLACE is a wonderful orgone energy generating device that boasts of wonderful healing properties. Some of the properties are:

  • The necklace helps you accomplish your goals, thanks to the Tiger Eye stones

  • Helps you in clearing all mental conflicts and have a calm and clear mind

  • It helps in boosting the intellect

  • The necklace heals the Root Chakra so that you are able to stay grounded and calm 

  • The necklace helps you in meditation

  • The Japa mala necklace also helps in removing all fears from your mind

  • The Red Tiger Eye necklace helps in increasing your strength and restores the balance of the body

  • Balances your emotions and provides you with emotional stability

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