Meet our Orgone Energy Generating 7 Chakra Pendant

Orgonite devices are designed to help you experience positive vibes in life. The natural crystals and gemstones and other materials that you can find in these devices clear all energy blockages and balances the chakras. As you are well aware, there are 7 chakras in our body, which always need to be balanced and in harmony.

Chakras are focal points of life force energy, like orgone energy, that flows through our body. Starting from our navel position to the crown of our head, the 7 chakras influence different body parts and each grants us with amazing qualities and virtues. When the chakras are not in balance, our body starts experiencing many difficulties and health conditions.

Orgone energy was discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Reich. He found out that it had the power to destroy conditions like cancer in our body. Orgonite devices like orgone necklace, orgonite bands, orgonite pendant, and more are handcrafted according to the principles of Dr. Reich so that you can enjoy its benefits. There are devices that heals and balances specific chakras, or all of them, like the ORGONITE 7 CHAKRA ENERGY GENERATOR PENDANT.


The ORGONITE 7 CHAKRA ENERGY GENERATOR PENDANT is one of the most sought after products at Orgonite Vibes, thanks to its amazing ability to heal all the chakras in our body. The device contains 7 crystals and gemstones, each for a specific chakra. The crystals are:

  • Red Jasper - Root chakra
  • Goldstone - Sacral chakra
  • Yellow Jasper - Solar plexus
  • Amazonite - Heart chakra
  • Sodalite - Throat chakra
  • Amethyst - Third eye
  • Clear quartz crystal - Crown chakra

These specific stones help in aligning the chakras and promoting the smooth flow of orgone energy. It helps in ensuring that we are healthy in body, mind, soul, and spirit.

The properties and Healing Benefits of the Pendant

The main question or doubt you would be having is why should you purchase this orgonite pendant from Orgonite Vibes. What makes the ORGONITE 7 CHAKRA ENERGY GENERATOR PENDANT so special? Well, the reasons are listed below:

  1. Genuine Crystals and Stones - Each of the crystals and gemstones that goes into making this orgone necklace is natural and genuine. We are living in a world filled with evil eye, negative thoughts, and energies. Each of these negative energies can affect our life very badly. We believe in helping you be protected from this negativity and enjoy positive living, which is only possible through the healing and cleansing properties of natural crystals and materials.

  2. Made using Reich’s Technology - Dr. Reich discovered orgone energy, but he didn’t invent the modern orgonite. Modern orgonite devices like orgonite bands and others are designed using the same principles and technologies taught to us bt Dr. Reich. Therefore, these devices have the power to heal all our health conditions and disorders.

  3. Converts Negative Energy to Positive Energy - Living amidst the negative energies around us does too much harm to the body. Our orgonite pendant helps in absorbing all the negative energies around us and convert them into positive energy. The positive energy is then released into your surroundings, which benefits you greatly.

These are some of the properties of our orgonite pendant. The healing benefits provided by this orgone necklace are many, and let us take a look at some of them:

  • Balances the chakras - The ORGONITE 7 CHAKRA ENERGY GENERATOR PENDANT is made of 7 specific stones, each for a particular chakra. The healing properties of these crystals and gemstones help in balancing the chakras and ensuring our well-being.

  • EMF Protection - One of the most celebrated benefits of orgone devices is its ability to protect from EMF radiation. EMF is emitted from devices we use every day, like mobile phones, laptops, desktops, modem routers, cell towers, and other electronic gadgets. EMF causes cancer and this orgonite pendant helps protect us from its harmful effects.

  • Strengthen Relationships - Strong relationships lay the foundation for a better and successful life. The 7 chakra orgonite necklace helps in clearing all ill-feeling from our minds and strengthening the bond between people. It helps us be better human beings 

  • Clears Bad Vibes -  Bad vibes are always present around us. The orgone necklace absorbs all negative energies surrounding us and heals all blockages in our body and mind. The negative energies are converted into positive vibes which are then released into the surroundings.

  • Helps in spiritual growth - Wearing this pendant and meditating helps in raising our mental awareness and aids spiritual growth. 

The healing properties and benefits of ORGONITE 7 CHAKRA ENERGY GENERATOR PENDANT are not limited to these alone. This product is available for an affordable price of $29.95. You can purchase all types of orgonite devices, orgonite bands, and other products from Orgonite Vibes

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