Crystals and precious gems have always been admired, and utilized in healing remedies. These are stuffed with high vibrations sweeping out bad vibes. Meditation with crystals is lifesavers and has deep healing powers.

They manifest your will and strengthen your spiritual muscle. In today’s blog we will help and teach you how to vibe with crystals. Take a glance at the crystals you wish for each meditation mood. These facilitate you to move forward in life with deep wisdom and facilitate you to attain inner knowledge. Each of them has their own unique powers and has their body, mind and soul benefits.

Start your journey into the magical world of meditation with crystals.

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This thinking stone could be a must for brightening your mood during meditation. If you have been feeling sad and heavy, Selenite can sweep in and take away all that negative or stagnant energy you have within you.. It removes your blockages and raises your vibrations. If you're seeking peace and balance, then Selenite is certainly the stone to take a seat with.


Feeling low and energy slump, then this can be the dreamy dose of vitamin D you would like. This bright and sunny vibes, this quartz is queen when it involves instilling a way of optimism and joy. The meditation sessions call in abundance and manifest your desires, This crystal could be a shining star for meditation.


Tourmaline brings a heavy dose of positivity to your meditation practice. It keeps you powerfully grounded and guarded, with all the chakras. This is often an excellent gem once you want to feel aligned and balanced from root to rise.


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