LAPIS LAZULI a royal crystal amongst the crystal family

Lapis Lazuli – this orgonite crystal’s rich blue colour is due to the lazurite that is an essential component of this mineral. 

Its deep, celestial blue remains the symbol of royalty and honour in the orgone crystal family, regarded highly for power, spirit and vision. It is an universal symbol of wisdom and truth.

The Orgone family’s Lapis Lazuli has been mined for centuries from a locality still in use today. The Sumerians believed that lapis lazuli contained the spirit of the deities; the ancient Egyptians also regarded it as the stone of the gods. This was partly because it reminded them of the stars in the night sky.

Lapis lazuli consists mostly of a mineral called lazurite. It usually also has a white component called calcite and the golden pyrite that provides its characteristic sparkle.

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Speaking of this wonderful crystal, today we shall be discussing the spiritual properties of the stone and how it helps people using it.


  • Ever since ancient Egypt, lapis lazuli has been used for spiritual protection. It is believed to be a strong defence against the evil eye

  • You can make use of the protective properties of lapis lazuli by wearing it on yourself and meditating with the crystal. You can slip a lapis lazuli orgone crystal in your pocket as you go on your way
  • If you are seeking spiritual healing through self-awareness and personal growth, lapis lazuli can help you with dream work and visions prosper. You may experience more vivid dreams or just gain a deeper understanding of the messages in them

  • Some people believe that lapis lazuli helps them connect to a spirit guide

  • The orgonite crystal leads you towards honesty with yourself and an understanding of your motivations. As you come to know yourself more deeply, you may find that you are becoming more patient and more thoughtful in your responses to life events.

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