Crystals amplify and raise energy vibrations, whether this is for the space, one’s home or even the pets. They can make us more aware of our own energy as well as offering a helping hand to keep all present and in the moment. Today, distraction is everywhere. This is why crystals are having such a moment. They help support when one is blocked, lacking in energy, feel slowed down or need calming.

There is evidence to suggest that crystals have been used in healing for many years. Nowadays the use of crystal healing relates more to the Buddhist and Hindu understanding of our chakras. All of the different practices relating to crystal healing assign different properties to different types of crystals. The effect of each crystal changes not just with its type but also its shape and how it has been activated and cleansed.

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Crystals are small pieces of the mineral kingdom, and also the intention for which one bought them! Beyond that, when it comes to incorporating crystals into the day to day life, there are so many ways one can do it. Some include:

Ingest and absorb their energy with DIY crystal water

To make crystal-infused water, put some crystals of ones choice into filtered water in a bowl or Mason jar and leave it out in the sun until sunset. Use it to wash the face or bathe if one wants to up ones beauty routine around the time of a new or full moon. Choosing rose quartz would be great for this and to straight up drink or clean the apartment to start a new season.

Place one on your body while meditating

Holding a crystal in the hand or placing one on one’s heart or part of the body that needs some love, can help focus the attention in meditation. Try feeling the weight of the crystal on the body and breathe.

Sleep with one under the pillow

To help ward off bad dreams, insomnia, or just lull into a calm state before bed, sleeping with a crystal under the pillow can help keep the energy in the right place.

In the working place

To neutralize those vibes from the electronics and help keep the mind clear and focused, set a crystal near the laptop. If one deal with bad vibes in the office, keeping a crystal around washes away unwanted energy.


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