Choose the best crystals from ORGONITE VIBES as there are a lot of things which we should remember concerning crystals.

  • Crystals emit their own frequencies! Quartz has long been utilized in technology for its ability to emit such a daily frequency once aroused.

  • They have the orderly atomic structure in nature.
  • There are many types of Quartz however the foremost common ones are Clear, Rose, Amethyst, Citrine, and Smokey. As it grows the Quartz crystal changes color.
  • Speaking of Citrine, we see that it is oversold on the market. Crystal Amethyst that has been treated during a laboratory at high temperatures is sold in its place. Heat treated quartz will typically be known by its white base that fades into golden yellow or orange.

  • Several crystals are treated with heat to accentuate their colors.

  • Every crystal resonates with a minimum of one Chakra. This implies that the frequency that it emits matches the frequency of that Chakra; this is often the premise of some Crystal healing.

  • Crystals are not only good for the house but also good for the energy in the body. They encourage good vibes. Try them with cleansing Herbs or Essential Oils for an additional boost.

  • Crystals can be identified through the Moh’s Hardness Scale. This scale goes from one (talc being the softest) to ten (Diamonds being the hardest). This is straightforward to use. Each crystal that's higher on the size will scratch any of those below. For instance, Quartz may be at seven and Fluorite may be at four. therefore Quartz will scratch Fluorite however Fluorite cannot scratch Quartz.

  • Learn to identify fake crystals. As many times crystals are heat treated and sold as expensive crystal pieces. If you are planning to buy, ask the owner all the details as many times colored glass is sold as crystals and these are unpredictable for energy work.

  • Opalite and Cat’s Eye are not Crystals; they are really glass so they are available at pretty cheap costs.

  • Aura/Titanium Crystals are  real Crystals that are treated in a chamber with layers of precious metals like noble metal, gold, silver, etc. every metal produces a special rainbow pallet. These beauties don’t usually come at a  low cost and they are worth the price.


Crystals have great energies and they have a Transforming, Healing Presence. Choosing the right crystal is the key as it helps to clean our mind, body and spirit. Click here, start shopping for harmony achieving crystals from Orgonite Vibes in various forms for yours.

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