Weddings are the happiest moment of one’s life. A big day, an important day in one’s life truly. Whether you’re looking for something small or you want to have a big ceremony, there are millions of details you’ll have to decide on that you may not have thought about before. 

Crystals are the most timeless accents you can add to your wedding décor. Well, what do they offer to such ceremonies and functions? Certain varieties enhance the mood of the wedding, thanks to their spiritual properties. Other crystals are believed to have heart-warming and heart-opening effects, and some are associated with trust and support.

Your wedding day is a day of joy, love and new beginnings. So why not take advantage of all of those good vibes?

Details you should make sure to remember are those that will set the mood and tone of your wedding. Little things like the right jewellery will make a difference, but for a bohemian wedding, including crystals in your wedding is a must.

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Want to know where you can include crystals in your wedding list of must haves. Have a look and check out the following list.

Clear Quartz for wedding ceremonies

Clear quartz is the most popular type of crystal amongst the crystal family. This stone imbibes that which surrounds it, making it great for absorbing all of the positive love and energy at your wedding ceremony. It also opens the heart and mind to higher guidance and balances all of your chakras. And if you're using any other crystals in your ceremony, clear quartz will simply amplify all of those positive effects as well.

Celestite crystal during banquet arrangements

Celestite carries high vibrations and calming powers, making it the perfect stone to walk down the aisle with. It will uplift your spirit and calm your nerves, sending you to your groom relaxed, bright minded and excited. This crystal is associated with the third eye, and invites the presence of angels. Wire it to your bouquet to keep the energy close and near your heart.


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