Crystals have great importance in our lives! 

Orgonite crystal pyramids are able to direct energy from the apex. In addition to working with the crystal’s meaning, a pyramid is also known for balance, creativity and manifestation too. Natural pyramid crystals are also associated with the element of fire.

Hundreds of different kinds of orgonite pyramids are available. Crystals like rose quartz, emerald, amethyst, citrine, smoky quartz, turquoise, selenite, obsidian and many more are used. A healthy balance of metals and crystals should be taken into account for various purposes.

By using such crystal pyramids, one can experience life transforming experiences in a journey called life.

Some of the uses of orgonite pyramids are:

  • Removes all your negative energy in the body

  • Having certain crystals in pyramids has the ability to turn negative energy into more positive energy.

  • Helps a lot in meditation

  • Finding it difficult to focus or quiet your mind long enough for meditation? Then orgonite pyramids are tools to help and to quieten your mind and improve meditation sessions. During your meditation session, place one pyramid beside you, on your lap or you can hold it in your hand.

  • Promotes good sleep pattern

  • Want to keep your bedroom free of any unnecessary electromagnetic radiation? Place an orgonite pyramid by your bed to help neutralize the emf of all electromagnetic gadgets.

  • Reduce and relieve stress

  • Pyramids relieve stress and anxiety if you have them in your living space.

  • Balances your moods

  • Everyone wants their home to be a place of comfort, love, and safety. Try investing in an orgonite pyramid and place it in the area of your house where you spend your most time. It greatly helps in  balancing your mood and restoring the delightful human you are.

  • Improves your general health and of your plants.

  • Feeling ill and you wish for a healthier living situation in and around you? This might be the right time to get an orgonite pyramid. Watch this work the magic on your plants too.

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    Pyramids will assist you greatly and we recommend you to kindly experiment with this beautiful tool and see yourself highly transformed in life.

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