There are plenty of resources to help us be productive in life. We need a little push to help us get our energy levels uplifted. Crystals are natural energy resources and holders in increasing our energies. Each type of crystal or stone holds a unique energy and vibration. There are crystals and gemstone that have energetic qualities which help with goal setting, manifestation, creativity and productivity.

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In our blog today we will be discussing about some crystals that help with productivity, motivation, and focus!


Known to be a Calming and balancing stone. It Strengthens imagination, creativity, concentration and passion and  helps you to work effectively with clarity, focus and action. To increase focus, concentration and creativity  keep an amethyst stone by your work space.


A balancing stone which helps with motivation, creativity, energy levels. This also helps to attract prosperity, good luck and success. This also helps release fear, provides courage and helps to overcome your difficulties. Place in the center of your home or your workspace to help attract these qualities into your life.


A crystal that helps with prosperity and success and mental strength.  Citrine is a manifestation, abundance and positivity stone and helps to attract money and financial abundance. You can also wear it as jewelry for abundance and positivity. For healing and mental strength you can meditate with it.

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