Planting the seed to welcome your child earth side - this journey for a woman to motherhood can be full of exciting twists and turns bundled with fond memories and it ain’t an easy one for sure. Every journey is unique and different on its own. While some mothers-to-be may thrive, others may have the boundaries of their body, mind, and soul tested for this purpose. 

During this time, whether glowing or gripped by change it is very important to feel nurtured, loved, supported and held by the will of the universe.

Crystals, the natural stone available for us can be of great help in this process.

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Learn how pregnancy crystals work out for this process?

We are all made of a form of energy from tip to toe. Crystals too are made of energy and when we forge a connection with these gemstones we can gel along the wavelengths to match up our vibrations with that of the crystal.

Healing crystals from Orgonite Vibes have been ordered by clients to keep themselves away from negative energies, safe, happy and thriving. Each crystal comes sparkling with its own healing benefits and is unique by its own. In a nutshell, crystals help us by clearing blocked energy in our chakras, thus encouraging emotional release and by helping us to manifest our magic and intentions into our day-to-day lives.

Even beyond the beautiful healing powers, it can simply be a comfort to have a crystal in hand or pressed against the body, especially during a time when you witness a change. Whether in your first trimester or your fourth, the ancient practice of having crystals close by calls on the power of our ancestors and all the wise women that have gone before us is like a saying that goes strong amongst many, so having a crystal is after all good for one during the times of pregnancy.


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