You have bought the crystal that you are fascinated with and you are in a dilemma as to how to use them?

The first step is always to wash the crystal in normal running water. You need not soak them. Then put them under moonlight for a few hours. Crystals start shining after you have washed and exposed them to moonlight. Infuse the crystal with sacred smoke. Then place it in a room where high vibration music is playing. Thus, the crystal reaches the multi vibrational level after it is cleaned with water, soaked in the moon energy then passes through sacred smoke and vibrational music.

Once you have purchased this crystal for yourself then keep them in your palm and cover with your right hand and pray that this divine crystal should work for you. Each crystal has a soul within it so it would listen to your affirmations and work right for you.

You can always carry them in your pocket. When you are meditating you can hold it. When you sleep, place it under your pillow. On your work table or when you are studying keep it around. These crystals spread positive vibrations around your house.

Place your protection crystals to ward off negative energies. Clusters can be placed in all four corners of the room to ward off all evil spirits and energies.

If you have got crystal jewellery, then wear it for five to six hours per day. Cleanse your crystals once in fifteen days and see the magic it brings about in your life!

Each crystal has a different story to tell. Crystals like selenite dispels negative energies and citrine is perfect for manifesting energies. Each crystal has its own unique vibration so take time to shop and choose the perfect one for you!

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