With so many crystals around, how do we know which is good for you? Our mind and body are linked to the universe. Get to know your strengths and weaknesses and if we have the knowledge of each property of crystals, we can always use them to get over our weakness. Crystals guide us with their huge healing properties.

One of the best ways to use crystals is by wearing crystal jewelry. When they are in direct contact with our body and skin, it helps in healing us much faster. Each crystal has its own powers and benefits.

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Some of the crystals most popularly known are:


A wonderful Meditation crystal. Helps us to keep calm and also protects us against feelings of fear and guilt. Wear this crystal and it gives you pleasant dreams and also helps you to be relaxed.


This crystal holds back all your bad energy and radiates good health and wealth. It helps in promoting love and happiness, Helps us to overcome hatred and jealousy.


Brings strength and suppresses our fears. It also creates a healthy digestive system and increases self-confidence. 

Tiger’s Eye

This golden crystal is used for protection, courage and prosperity. It helps you in taking all your decisions with a clear and focussed mind. This amazing crystal helps to keep  anxiety for both the body and the mind at rest.

There are many amazing crystals you can choose from, visit our website and have a look at what crystal suits you the best.

A Final Thought

Whether single crystal or a wrist full of gemstone bracelets or pendants. Bringing healing crystals into your life can be hugely rewarding. Balancing out the emotional, spiritual sides of us.

Crystals have a Passion for Healing. The healing touch and the Healing Beauty which enhances the wellbeing of all. Start shopping for crystals from ORGONITE VIBES in various forms for yours.

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