Buying crystals either as one crystal, a gemstone, or a cluster involves determining some important factors such as - the worth and then comparing it to the offered price. The worth of a crystal is conditional to several factors. Deciding to buy a crystal? Always keep these factors in mind while doing so.

Crystal weight

Weight is an important criteria while you purchase your orgonite vibes’ crystals, gemstones and or any crystal clusters The first factor you always look at is the size of the crystal. Remember, the larger the crystal the more it will cost per unit of weight.

Crystal condition

The second thing about the worth of a crystal is its condition. You should know both the external of the crystal and it’s inside quality. Damage reduces value. Since most crystals grow within the ground, they're subject to several varieties of damage. Ofcourse, mining, cleaning, packaging, and transporting are hazardous. Always make sure you look carefully and inspect the crystal.

Rarity and recognition

Is your crystal worth the price you pay? You should know the rarity of the mineral and also the demand within the marketplace.

Good crystals are always in demand, but if the provision is incredibly large, the value won't be high. As you examine crystals, consider the rarity and recognition of the mineral from which it formed.

The color of a crystal

Colour of a crystal is the next big factor. It drives the costs of virtually all crystals.

The color of a ruby, sapphire, diamond, or tourmaline may be a major consideration.  Certain colours command high prices and are in great demand. It is very important to judge the color of a crystal.

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In short, here is the checklist for evaluating a crystal’s worth for oneself

  • How big is it?
  • What condition is it in? Any flaws externally or internally.
  • How rare is this crystal?
  • What mineral is it? 
  • Is it treated in some way?
  • How popular is this crystal right now?
  • What color is it, and is it attractive to my eye?


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