Crystals have become the go-to for a variety of common ailments today. Many people are moving towards believing that its crystals can actually help in natural treatment apart from the English medicines.

Hair stands hold a ton of energy, which gives these natural crystals something to play off of. Using crystals helps energize your scalp, which in turn will promote hair growth.

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Check out some of the best crystals for hair growth promotion: 

Smoky quartz

This is another stone that is good for removing dandruff from hair; the stone destroys the microbes that damage the hair hence making hair look healthy and shiny. The stone also removes some pests that night in the hair like the lice. This involves cleaning the stone and holding it in hand and by the use of a positive mantra one can charge their stone, this should be repeated several times in a day for it to work better.


This crystal stone helps in dealing with hair problems that bring about thinning hair. The stone coats hair with the moisture which helps in preventing breaking the hair, in turn, strengthens the hair. This stone works just fine regardless of the type of hair one is having. To use this stone, keep the stone in hand and do yoga to charge the stone. This should be done several times every week for one to achieve the results.


This stone works just like the hair serum or even better, hair serum can have very many functions which include nourishing the hair and also strengthening hair, so the hair will turn out to be very healthy and shiny. For this stone to work it must be infused in the water after purification and the use it on the hair, this is a process that will work well if it is done several times in a week, it is best advised that one uses this stone just before going to bed.  


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