Moving your career forward from school to college and then to university can be exciting but also difficult too. Maybe you are feeling excited, nervous or stressed about the changes that are to come in your life.

Crystals always have different energies and guide us in many ways physically, emotionally and spiritually. Crystals affect our body and mind in positive ways and help us focus better on our studies and face all challenges during our studies.

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Our energies can be greatly affected even if we hold or are near crystals.

Are you looking for crystals that help you to study or make you focus on things and have a sharp memory. Mother Nature’s natural healers, crystals have been used for thousands of years now for different reasons.

Some of the crystals that are used for studies are:

Black Onyx

Worried that you have fared poorly in an exam? This crystal known as a protection stone absorbs negative energy and feelings and may solve all your problems.

Green aventurine

Known as a Good luck crystal. It helps you to bring out all your leadership qualities and skills. If you are a shy person It would pep you up to step forward and help you in all your group projects .


This crystal helps you to keep your mind and thoughts clear. These are the best crystals for studying and to remove all your stress and worry. Like a sponge this blue stone absorbs all  lower energies. Have it on you during a test or an exam.


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