Bringing crystals into the garden is such a natural way to work with them. The health of the garden depends on sunlight, soil composition, weather, etc. And crystals have a specific frequency and colors that make them a great choice to bring additional benefits to the outdoor space of your homes.

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There are two crucial factors that one needs to remember when they are looking for crystals for the garden. The first factor is sunlight. Amethyst, if placed in direct sunlight, will fade.

The second factor is water because certain stones will either erode or rust depending on their mineral makeup and will not look like the crystal you first brought home.


Moonstone has the energies of the moon, but moonstone is said to promote rest. It is considered a favourite crystal by the Americans, this crystal promotes restorative health. It is a symbol of fertility and will make happy plants.


The sparkles of the Mica within Green Aventurine may attract butterflies to the yard, but more than that, it is a stone to help the new plants take root. It's also supposed to help protect against geopathic stress.


Known as the Master Stone, clear quartz is the most common stone on our planet. Energizing and balancing, placing quartz near the roots of the plants will help keep the plant’s aura clear and energized. Another benefit, place a piece of clear quartz with other garden crystals to boost their energy. 


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