In today’s blog of crystals we will discuss various ways where we can connect with energy, Mother Nature using crystals. In today’s stressful world our energies become unbalanced.

Streamlining your energies does not cost anything, it only refreshes your mind, soul and body.

Go outside and find a relaxing place connected with the Earth. A quiet place at the park, up in the mountains, sitting in your courtyard, standing by the ocean, sitting on the sand. Wherever you feel pulled to go, follow your own intuition when choosing your location to ground.

Begin to connect with our surroundings and tune yourself. Inhale the fresh air, smell the sweet flowers and the woody forests. Feel the sand, rocks stand barefoot and connect with the earth. You can feel the flow of energy flow through you with vibrations and chills. To connect Earth’s energy and electrons we must surround ourselves with nature by trying to experience the different sensations, textures, sounds, smells, and feelings of the Earth.

There are many different crystals, stones and minerals that hold grounding properties. If you cannot go anywhere, you can take these crystals with you as these have the same effective properties . Visit our online platform ORGONITE VIBES and choose from our leading product range of orgone energy generators at our website like  orgone energy pyramids, crystals and gemstones products, orgonite bands, orgone pyramidsorgonite bracelets and lots more to see, view and purchase on the orgonite online platform.

Here are some of the crystals that are best suited for grounding with the earth. Smokey Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Shungite, and Tigers eye and many more.

Black Tourmaline electrical in nature is a powerful grounding stone, and provides a link between earth and the human spirit. It is known for protecting energy and boosting self-confidence in us.

Smoky quartz is a translucent almost-opaque brownish-grey or black crystal. It pulls unwanted, excessive, and negative energies out of you, sending them down into the earth. It is recommended for grounding and  transforms negative thoughts  into positive energies.

Shungite crystal is a rare crystal which is matte black with many benefits. It is almost a pure form of carbon and has intense healing properties. It has many antioxidants with the longest lasting healthy effects for humans.

Tigers Eye is a powerful stone with many healing properties and helps in harmony and balance. Your fear ,anxiety and restlessness is cured with this crystal.

Concluding Note….

Talk about being grounded and connected to earth! Your mind, body, and soul will feel refreshed, re-energized, rejuvenated and balanced. Inspired by our today’s blog on crystals and gemstones, we would like you to explore the world of online crystals at ORGONITE VIBES, click here. We cater to orgonite crystals in the various different forms such as pyramids like orgonite pyramids, bracelets such as orgonite bracelets, necklaces such as orgonite necklaces and many more.