Green onyx the stone of peace & prosperity-Own it now!

Individuals from varying backgrounds are intrigued by green gemstones. Emerald gemstone, being one of the most valuable and important green gemstones, is in incredible interest around the world.

 In any case, there is a contender of this gemstone which is progressively being utilized as a substitute for emerald. This stone is Green Onyx. Green Onyx Orgonites are one of the most sought after forms of this stone. 

The Green Onyx crystals and gemstones are related to the Heart Chakra and are utilized essentially to expand inventiveness, improve correspondence, articulations, and emotions and furthermore to build up the craft of open communication.

Today we at Orgonite Vibes bring you green onyx orgonite pyramid products that use Green Onyx crystals and gemstones.  These orgone pyramids help you to get peace and the power of communication. 

Without any further delay, let’s get to the list.

Powerful Green Onyx Orgonite Pyramid-Stone Of Opportunity


A pure green onyx orgone pyramid that contains a star of David with the word “Tetragrammaton”, being broken into five pieces to match the five points of the star in the pentagram. That, in turn, is a representation of the Greek τετραγράμματον in Latin characters.

Literally, it means “consisting of four letters”, and is a substitute for the four-letter Biblical name of the Jesus. Used as a substitute for the name, it came to be regarded as a word of magical power itself. Buy green onyx orgone pyramid now at orgonite vibes.

Orgonite New Selenite, Green Onyx Pyramid with Tree Of Life Symbol


A beautiful Orgonite pyramid made of Green onyx and selenite that promises you peace of life and let you free. The orgone pyramid is adorned with tree of life symbol.  Buy green onyx and selenite orgone pyramid now at orgonite vibes. 

Orgonite Aqua Yellow Green Onyx 3 Layered Pyramid


A beautiful Orgone pyramid made of Green onyx, citrine and aquamarine stones is a perfect pick to bring in that balance and harmony in life. Buy green onyx, citrine, aquamarine orgone pyramid now at orgonite vibes. 

Powerful Green Onyx Orgonite Cone Pyramid-Stone Of Opportunity

A pure green onyx cone pyramid is all you need to attract the abundance. Buy green onyx, orgone pyramid cone now at orgonite vibes.

Orgonite Moldavite Pyramid with Flower Of Life


THis beautiful combination of green onyx and moldavite is one of the rare combinations that can create magic. Moldavite, with its beautiful green energy, itis a stone of the heart. ... Green onyx crystal energy is used to resolve blockages and to re-balance the Heart Chakra, helping you understand your own needs and emotions clearly.

Buy moldavite and green onyx, orgone pyramid now at orgonite vibes.

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