Because crystals are said to have their natural energy, getting to know  your crystals is very important. To connect with them, you can sleep with them or have them by your side during the day.

Just keep crystals as companions and get to know their energy. You’ll find what these natural crystals want to present to you. Crystals can also be programmed in technology to transmit energy.

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Meditate With Crystals the right way

There is no “wrong” way to meditate with crystals, but one must get a few pointers right for yourself on how to meditate with crystals in case you need an idea of where to start.

Set your intention

What is it that you want to focus on while meditating is important for you to know yourself. What are you hoping to achieve by doing this? Select a crystal that you’re feeling drawn to for those reasons.

Pick the right area to sit in

You might want to play some gentle music, or you might want to meditate in silence. Even chants or songs to activate the crystals are excellent.

Incorporate your body

You may want to lay stones on the body to activate the chakras. Lay down and put on some meditation music and put them on areas of your body connected to different chakras, known as the energy centers in the body. Placing them on these parts of your body can help you use your intuitions well. 

Comfort yourself

Find a relaxing space and listen to the messages the crystal is trying to resonate with you.

Do not hurry

Take your time getting out of the meditation and take some time to process anything that might have come up during the meditation because one might want to take time to journal about anything that came up or what you think the crystals are trying to tell you. 


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