Do you feel your inspiration flow suddenly stopped and experiencing a creative writer’s block? Artists and writers of all types have various tools to brainstorm innovative concepts and approaches. Writers always feel objects like a charm or a lucky bracelet helps them concentrate and help them in their writing skills. Crystals always harness their energy and power and guide them.

This is where harnessing the energy and power of crystals comes into play. These have a great impact on your self-confidence and artistic inclinations. Find your best ideal crystal and it’ll spark your originality, boost motivation and clear your head in the right way.

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Some of the crystals for enhancing expressions are:


Your boldness in expressive writing is needed. Carnelian crystal can help you start filling pages and it can move that unforeseen roadblock on your writing journey in no time. It boosts your imagination.


This crystal Activates Your Instincts and opens up your mind. It infuses you with intuition and helps you to be artistic.

Tiger’s Eye 

Helps To Cultivate Concentration and symbolizes focus, intuition, and determination. This crystal also helps in proofreading as it sharpens your problem-solving ability.

Clear Quartz 

A Crystal that helps To Generate Ideas. Looking out for  a new stream of insight for your latest novel, this crystal is the perfect choice.  Your mind clears, your imagination starts to surface, ready to set sails. Many times poets, writers suddenly lose their flow of thought. Clear Quartz will ensure you progress smoothly and help you anchor mental clarity.

Crystals bring confidence, sparks your memory, and aids you to balance words. These help to unlock your creativity by eroding mental blockages.


Ensure you place your powerful crystals near you, on your desk, or by the windows. Or carry them in your pocket or bag when you leave the house or hold them while doing yoga or meditation for maximum impact.

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