Why is EMF a potential threat?

Before taking you to the EMF shielding crystals, here are some reasons why EMF is a potential health threat:

EMFs as you know, are invisible fields produced by electrically charged objects. EMF devices are rampant in modern homes and electronics that use wireless technology stand the major culprits. As the use of technology can no longer be absolutely avoided, the use of EMF protection at home is recommended.

Some of the commonly known symptoms are as follows:

  • dizziness and vertigo
  • headaches
  • sleep problems
  • infertility
  • fatigue.

Why do we recommend using emf shielding crystals at homes?

One cannot control the EMF exposure outdoors, but one’s home is where a person can have certain control. It is a personal dominion and because of this, one can apply EMF protection using natural crystals at home. Today, when all of us are surrounded by gadgets, having sufficient protection at home is a big necessity as this is where people rest and for families, this is where your children grow.

Natural crystals help neutralize EMF. How is this? Well, this is because some crystals can absorb electromagnetic radiation. As EMFs are after all radiations, the use of specific EMF shielding crystals may help ensure that the home remains protected from negative EMF effects.

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What are the recommended crystals to shield yourself from EMF?

Some examples of such crystals are chlorite phantom quartz and smoky quartz.

Other recommended crystals for the same purpose would be Black Tourmaline and Selenite. Black Tourmaline, popularly known as Schorl – which is an illustrious aesthetic black mineral. It offers powerful EMF protection as it can easily absorb EMF radiation. It is good to know, Black tourmaline cleans and unblocks energy levels in the house.

The other crystal in the list, Selenite crystals are also very useful crystals that can offer strong EMF protection. These selenite crystals, also known as gypsum flower and desert rose, is an elegant white crystal having a tubular shape. Their elegance of this very crystal is shown by its delicate and slender shape.

Great options to be used at homes, Due to the nature of vibrations, they are highly prized by crystal healers and used for many energetic cleansing and purification processes. Choose them to unblock stale energy, reducing negative vibes or even energy in one’s home.


Today, we have seen a lot of how orgonite can work on radiations which are, will and are going to harm humans in the long run. But it all matters how one wants to take care of one’s self finally. If you wish to use orgonite crystals in your personal life in the form of an orgone energy pyramids, crystals and Gemstones , orgonite bands, orgone energy pyramids and energy bracelets then we recommend you could actually pay a visit to our website  ORGONITE VIBES for a glance thru or purchase of orgonite products.