Rainbow Moonstone could be crystal of transformation and readies the soul and therefore the body it intensifies your feminine 'Goddess' energy! Moonstones have a highly spiritual nature that aids spiritual healing; It holds within it the deep nature of feminine energy. And you will benefit by putting this vibration to use in your life.

It is a crystal that enhances your feelings and encourages desires and expectations. Their energy will help to balance the masculine-feminine vibrations within your body and can nurture your spirit.

The vibrations help women to acknowledge and embrace their internal personal power. These beautiful crystals reflect within them the magical healing qualities of the vibrations of the moon. Within men, its energy influences your brain, and facilitate your to become more emotionally balanced.

As the name relates, they were named due to the shiny reflective quality or sheen found within the stones. Of all different colours, the gorgeous blue-white color of the crystal reminds people of the way the moon looks. This sheen is made by its unique structure. When you move these crystals around often you may see beautiful colors reflected back at you, reflecting reminder blue and purple.

The vibrations of the Moonstone fill you with heartfelt joy and help you to understand deep inner awareness. You may have the benefit of wearing a rainbow moonstone pendant or other variety of jewellery, if you're feeling  stressed and anxious otherwise you are hyperactive then pick a rainbow moonstone from our online platform ORGONITE VIBES. Select from our leading product range of orgone energy generators at our website like orgone energy pyramids, crystals and gemstones products, orgonite bands, orgonite pyramids, orgonite bracelets and plenty more to determine, view and get on the orgonite online platform.

Safeguarding from unwanted energies and negative influences this crystal is a stone of protection. A cool and calm nature aids you to be happy.


These lovely crystals are available in different sort of colors. With the moonstone colors starting from the milky white stones, to yellow, peach, green, pink, gray, dark gray black, blue and also the Rainbow Moonstone.

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