Fear is an emotion of  unsettling anxiety  that is rooted deep in our psyche .One of the most beautiful things about the mineral kingdom is that  there are many crystal combinations. With relaxation exercises these crystals release fear, let go of worry and anxiety. People are stressed and scared all around with what is going to happen tomorrow?

Dispelling fear is not an overnight fix, it is a process which takes time and dedication. There are energetic tools that help you work through and release and help you dispel fear. Right here, we’re going to talk about some crystals that can help you to overcome fear. 

With these crystals for anxiety, and fear you'll be able to better understand the way to overcome fear. Incorporate them into your lifestyle, practice self-discipline and stay mindful. Your fears are gone in no time. So let’s facilitate your find the right crystals which will release fear.

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This crystal calms you down and helps you to tide through uncomfortable emotions. It's a Throat Chakra stone that also encourages you to speak and communicate your truth.  This ultimate protector for regulating fear. By bringing this chakra into balance, it helps you to replace your fears with strengths.

Rose Quartz

Known as a heart healer. Which has a beautiful, loving and soft vibration that is used for heart healing. Peaceful vibes are sent across which is very helpful to remove your fears.. This supports yourself and sends  love, joy and happiness to everyone who comes into contact with it. 


Upon negative emotions fears are built. Some of which are so deeply buried that you won’t even recognize they’re there. Once you begin to unpack them, you can forgive yourself and others, and release the energy once and for all.

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