Enlighten your  life with crystal energy and Let your heart Soar

What does crystal energy feel like? It depends on the crystal apparently – some are great for energy and  few are great for focus. Life Is full of Love and Grace and crystals create a sense of calm and serenity within us. After you hold a crystal, your energy is heightened and they help you flow with the universe.

Do healing crystals have an expiry date? 

Crystals work forever, but people keep them within the sun for some hours every few weeks to charge them with their own natural energies. If you retain them within the house all day they will become disconnected from their natural sources of energy. Gemstones are participants in nature similar to we are as humans.

Is crystal healing a kind of spiritual belief?

Crystals are a component of the planet so they seem to be a good way to feel more connected to the balance of nature. Crystals help people to reconnect with their surroundings. Crystals can cost many thousands of pounds. What prices should people expect to procure them? It varies on where you get them from, in line with the experts.

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Healing crystals are variable into three major categories: 

Cut stones

They're just like gemstones which take lots of your time and energy to chop, in much the identical way as jewelry stones. 


These are found easily so are lower down on the value scale. They're the polished versions of Gemstones which are smaller and exquisite. 

Raw stones

These crystals aren't as shiny as tumbled stones but emit the identical amount of energy. They're less costly because they are not cut and polished so are the smallest amount expensive to shop for. 

Of course, some crystals are rare and a few are abundant. The tougher to extract, the more you ought to expect to pay. When buying crystals, it is important to recollect that all of them do the identical thing so it depends on personal preference and the way much you'll be able to afford to spend. Crystals are often found at very different price points – a tiny low tumbled piece might be worth some pounds and massive, cut and polished may be worth thousands.


Awake Today, live Tomorrow with the power of crystals. Surround yourself with positivity with Crystals.

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