The kitchen is not just a place where you cook or eat, it's also the place where you associate with your friends and family members. It is a place where you love to cook and try new recipes and find motivation for new exotic feasts. Your love and care for your family are shown by preparing and serving delicious meals. Crystals are used as home decor elements, for their beautiful appearance. Crystals look fantastic in any space and your kitchen should not be an exception from that.

We have rounded up a list of our recommended crystals that you can display on the window sill, kitchen table, and refrigerator. These will add a touch of beauty and color to your kitchen.

Crystals always attract the energies of abundance and prosperity, but also some crystals are known for their cleaning and protective properties.

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Remember, positive energy should be in abundance in your kitchen. Certain crystals bring nourishment, stability, vitality, and grounding into your kitchen. Crystals energize the first three chakras responsible for general well-being.

  • Raw Green Opal encourages healthy eating habits and cleanses and strengthens the physical body

  • Green Aventurine is an energizing, revitalizing crystal that carries the energy of a life force and helps to bring great joy and vitality

  • Clear Quartz keeps the power purified and hygienic in your kitchen

  • Selenite helps you create a welcoming, peaceful ambiance in your kitchen

  • A clear quartz crystal inside your refrigerator generates full positive energy

  • Increase creativity in cooking with Bloodstone in sight

Keep crystals on display in your kitchen to aid in cultivating new, positive habits when making choices in nourishing your body. However, ensure you wash the crystal thoroughly beforehand.


Crystals offer protection against negative influences and help you maintain a pure environment in the place where you cook and enjoy your meals:

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