What do you mean by Aura? 

The energy that surrounds your body and this represents your physical, mental and emotional spiritual energies. The world is a messy place and there are different energies moving about . Removing all the negative energies and we must Keep our aura clean. Health is directly connected to a person.  Aura cleansing and taking care of yourself should always be your top priority. A healthy person’s aura will be brighter than that of an unhealthy person. 

Crystals help to balance your energy and emotions .It also helps to cleanse your Aura.

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Have a look at some of the crystals that help you in balancing your aura.


For your body and mind this light blue color crystal is used for instant peace and harmony. It would bring about positive changes in your life and would also uplift your mood.


This wonderful energy changes all your negative energies into positive ones. It helps to detoxify your spirit and sometimes this is also used to come out of any addiction. It also works for your aura and builds up your energy. 


This beautiful crystal helps in harmonizing vibrations and also helps to cleanse your aura.

It helps you to be calm and helps you to feel balanced. It also looks very beautiful and elegant when worn as jewellery.


Crystals have a Passion for Healing. The healing touch and the Healing Beauty which enhances the wellbeing of all. Click here, start shopping for crystals from Orgonite Vibes in various forms for yours.

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