Crystals help for fear, worry and anxiety in challenging and uncertain times. Making use of these calming crystals with relaxation exercises helps release fear, let go of worry, reduce stress, panic and anxiety. This still requires a conscious effort on one’s side in reducing exposure to people, conversations or information that may be negatively affecting mental health.

At this time we are experiencing a global pandemic caused by the spread of the coronavirus. This has caused big changes in everybody’s daily lives, family, travel, the economy and work. Everything thought has become uncertain in a matter of a few months. People are stressed and scared all around with what is going to happen tomorrow? Will there be an end to this trauma and when can they walk out freely.

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Let’s help you find the perfect crystals that can release fear.

Smoky Quartz

This variety of quartz is grounding and neutralising stone that assists detoxification on all levels. It guides in learning what can be left behind as it is no longer a positive influence on life and brings emotional calmness. Smoky quartz can help in relieving fear and depression. On a mental level, this stone encourages positive thought patterns and clears the mind ready for meditation. It can improve the ability to tolerate stress. This crystal is a useful choice if anyone has trouble and will help you feel more grounded and present. Wearing a piece of smoky quartz can help ease feelings of depression, fear and anxiety and help understand the root of these feelings, while calming the emotions so they do not become overwhelming.


This stone helps support the move through uncomfortable emotions.  Aquamarine helps let go and trust. Its calming energy brings the serenity of gentle ocean waves upon the shore.  It’s a throat Chakra stone that also encourages speaking and communicating the truth.

Rose Quartz

This well-known heart healer has such a beautiful, loving and soft vibration that can be beneficial for heart healing. It brings peaceful vibes and so much love. All kind of love, including self-love. Rose Quartz can assist in supporting oneself and sending love to the fears. Be kind to one self. 


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