Resuming from where we stopped in the last blog, crystals are good for human health in many forms. This week we have a look at the various crystals in what way it helps us maintain good health. Let’s begin with no further delay as per the list we listed previously:

Here are some of the best natural crystals for self-care and fitness among the many known to mankind.


Amethyst is a gentle crystal with shades of purple. One of the most tranquil crystals that ease all kinds of aches and pains specifically headaches and migraines. It also promotes good beneficial sleep and grants positive power to those trying to move away from habits like drugs, alcohol, smoking, and caffeine. Sitting quietly with this crystal during meditation is very helpful.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is Pale and pink in color and is full of energy and can help you to encourage yourself from tip to toe. Helps in keeping your heart and circulation in check, emotionally it makes sure that you are living in harmony. Wear Rose Quartz close to the body to lap up those loving vibes and to keep your cardiovascular system healthy and can calm you down.


Moonstone is a pearly white and bright crystal. It is rich in feminine energy and helps in balancing emotions and helps us move out of fear and anxiety It also helps cure and bring vital energy to the reproductive system and helps ease out hormonal issues too. For anyone who has problems in their menstrual cycles or those who are combating a fertility journey then this crystal would prove to be a magical gem.


Citrine crystal brings a burst of energy and detoxes the body. It keeps you fresh and helps to treat depression and anxiety by bringing its sunny outlook and pulling you out of any kind of slump. This crystal can balance you physically and mentally.

Tigers Eye

Tiger Eye crystal is  Black and gold and gleaming orange in color. It revives your senses and enriches your day with energy. The Tigers Eye has high vibes and is a gem of superior strength, It motivates, boosts your metabolism, and improves your sex life too. 

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is bright and clear and full of potential and is the master healer crystal full of energy. This also cleanses the organs and improves memory and clears the mind and opens blocked chakras.

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